Our Tax Money in ICT

AutomatiseringGids.nl published an article about the 25 biggest company internal IT departments. These are the governement run positions (and our tax money):

3) Defense (IVENT) with 3000
4) Tax Agency (B/CICT) with 2962
5) Police (vtsPN) with 1818
14) UWV (IV-functie) Social Security with 500
16) OM & De Rechtspraak (ICTRO) Public Prosecution & Justice with 480
17) Rotterdam (City-IT) with 427
20) Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (DICTU) with 315
21) Sociale Verzekeringsbank (ICT-diensten) National Insurance Agency with 296
23) Kadaster (ICT Services) Land Administration with 265
25) RDW (ICT Bedrijf) Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency with 232

In the top 25 internal Dutch ICT organizations that is 10295 fulltime positions in government ICT departments alone!

At my company we operate with a simple open source wiki, task & customer management system, etc. How many of these 10 could do the same? How much tax payer money could be saved if the complete government was run as a company (or, dare I say, not at all)?

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