Hello, we might not have met yet, but I would like to ask you if you see a possible match with my CV and an organization in The Netherlands (or a flight away, if I can regularly work from home).

My keywords are: internet, innovation, (big & meta) data, privacy & security.

I have experience managing up to 20 people and I have broad hands-on tech experience. Areas I don’t want to be responsible for are: finance, HR and sales.

Possible job titles are: startup CTO, software architect, business analyst (e-commerce & e-tail), technical team lead. (2009)

I am an avid listener of the podcast and the talks. My interests are very broad with a focus on the future (trends in technology and social concepts), social & environmental responsibility, entrepreneurship, libertarianism and educational methods & frameworks.

As an high i (DISC-model) I am a motivator by sharing the general path towards the future, our common goals & ideals. However, time permitting, I am meticulous about (sometimes less relevant) details, always ready to share my knowledge, teach and lead by example.

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