Possible PhD research subject in the Education area.

Together with my Vision for Education and my life experience I hope to some day start working on my PhD dissertation & defense. Several years ago I have formulated my goal for this possible area of research. Here the extract:

Aspects of Future Didactical Systems in Higher Vocational Education – a Roadmap for Change

With the increase in the amount of information people have to deal
with every day to be able to operate successfully in this world; we can
not teach our children what we know now, we have to teach them to
understand & deal with what we will know tomorrow. This requires a
significant other approach and in the last few decades we have been
experimenting with various educational & didactical systems. In my
quest to get my PhD I will document this evolution from a broad
perspective, distill the trends (based on scientific methods using a
significant amount of data and data sources), predict the future
(using my understanding of the data, my life experience as a student,
as well as an educator and a father) and write a roadmap for how to
best revolutionize both our educational systems and didactical
systems (in a practical and achievable way).

I would love to receive feedback.

Link to my personal wiki page (to keep my internal organization): wiki.

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