Google Circles

While I personally really like the concept – and it is more usefull if all my communicationpartners are using it (remember the faith of Google Wave) – it has, as can be expected from Google, a highly technical cool-factor with an awesome potential; but I do feel there is a human factor called discipline that simply can not be enforced. Compare my Google Contacts, I have about 20% of my 5000+ contacts properly sorted in the broad categories: friends, family, business, employees, strangers (people I did not personally meet) and some interest groups like: libertarian, important (people to consider/follow), etc. And in this way Google Circles will fail to fully support me simply because I will not have the commitment to work the system to its technical perfection.

I guess I’m still waiting for artificial intelligence…

Besides lacking the first-movers advantage (switching social network providers is still a very big hurdle), there will be the problem of handling the social feedback from those that are not in my circles where they expected to be in – and thus miss things that their desired peers will receive. (Note: facebook “solved” this by giving us just 2 choices: public or private.)

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