Mantra 33 Consolidation

As you might already know, every year near my birthday I post the proclamation for myself for the coming year. When I was an old teenager I was spending serious time connecting to my mystic roots through meditation. When I was 18 I predicted my 31ste year would be my year of Money – I was excited about that my whole life – but got very nervous every month it was getting closer. Little did I know how right I was so many years ago. Here is how: at 24 I slowly made the transition to actually be an adult. Now in the last year (mantra: introspection) I believe I have finally gained the basic knowledge (about myself) I expected to gain in my life.

For this year my mantra is: consolidation (between yin & yang). I have already realized that most mantra’s were spot on, but in retrospect in such an incredibly different way than expected. So, I have spent significant effort over the last weeks to realize the way I could go about interpreting my own words of wisdom. They didn’t make sense to me until I read an article in a management magazine this Sunday afternoon in my mothers garden which had a line in it that made me realize what I have unconsciously already set out to do: “weet wat je wil en creeer een kans” (which translates as: “know what you want and create an opportunity to do it”). I will rewrite it in my own words (from the last 2 years) as: understand my passion and create an environment in which I can live it – and I hope in 12 months or so to fully understand how that relates to consolidation – because literally the first day after my birthday, it felt much more like the year of separation 🙁

To gain some perspective/inspiration hese will guide me:

Life Vision:

I exist, as all else exist, because all else exists. I am unbound and infinite.

Life Mission:

Bringing about balanced success that leads to and supports growth in the
four success areas – mental, spiritual, physical and financial – through
creating choices and understanding their impact and consequences (on and
for myself and those around me).

Life Motto:

To live, to love, to learn and to leave a legacy.

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