Regarding the new (European) law about cookies on websites I have this to say: while I am pro transparency, I believe that one should not force transparency. In order to deal with the problem of having to opt-in users I suggest you write a good disclaimer and wait until browsers solve the cookie opt-in problem by for example keeping a list of pre-authorized sites (like Google Analytics) or by subscribing to public or paid white/black lists that are auto-updated in the browser. This should not be a human choice on every site, but a general “setting” and/or trusting an intermediary source to help users make that decision in an automated way.

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  1. Tom Fregly says:

    I like the idea of pre-authorized cookie sites. It could work similarly to how certificates issued to secure (https) websites are automatically checked against a database by the browser. Note that cookies are not inherently bad and server a useful purpose provided your computer is never compromised – which is a gigantic “if”.

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