Curated Audio Streams

Video is a growing and popular medium. But audio is, and will remain, very important, because: when watching video, one can not do anything other than stationary routine tasks that do not require constant visual attention and/or communication (like eating a meal). With audio, one has much more freedom. But when the audio contains human voice(s), one is limited to semi-routine tasks (like driving a car) that exclude communication, except, some light (non-complex) tactile communication like typing a simple email.

We have many ways to ingest music, but we need more services that allow one to stream non-music audio. We lost the #ConversationsNetwork (thanks @DougKaye1 for the many years of great curated content), but the internet still needs a new service that allows one to choose curated or categorized non-music audio (including functionalities to track history, so we do not have duplicates in the users playlist).

Podcasts are a great temporary solution, but #podcasts filter per producer (or, sometimes, per curator), not per episode. And they are still not easy to manage in a multi-device environment (think: resume and suggest, like @Netflix).

Could @SoundCloud become that player? Anyone any ideas/suggestions?

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