Remote controlling a computer via robotics.

How to control a device with a screen and one or more input devices (like a keyboard and mouse) remotely? There are solutions that connect the device directly (Remote Desktop software like VNC), but it could also be done physically.

This might be of interest to spy agencies like the CIA or FBI – but also for companies with old equipment (like machine controllers, for example, those found on CNC’s and the first versions of modern robots).

Imagine the RemCoRo with a camera and ~100 tentacles (with a labeled actuator at the end) that one could bend with a bit of force to hover above the key of a keyboard or a button to be pressed or a touch-sensitive screen. You could position the RemCoRo close to the device you want to control (and fix it in place with clamps or suction nobs). If one would have the RemCoRo controller software installed on a computer and log into a RemCoRo (via a WiFi or GSM connection), you could see what the RemCoRo camera sees and use the keyboard of your computer to have the tentacles press the buttons of the device the RemCoRo is set up to control.

The RemCoRo could also have USB plugs: one to mimic as a normal keyboard (sending the remote pressed keyboard key to the virtual keyboard in the RemCoRo that would send it to the device to be controlled) and another USB plug to do the same for a mouse. This would make the RemCoRo easier to test and more versatile.

I wonder if this is patentable. I also wonder if there would be customers for this. Let me know your ideas in the comments, thanks.

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