World Future Society Acceptance Letter

Written on 05-05-2000 by Sir PK.

The World Future Society is an association for the study of alternative futures and publisher of The Futurist – a journal of forecasts, trends and ideas about the future.

  1. Introduction
    In this acceptance letter for Coordinator for the World Future Society in The Netherlands I would like to introduce myself and express my own beliefs and current discussions with myself and surroundings about what future is, what it could be like and how one can utilize it to live the present.
  2. History
    “Only through understanding the past one can understand the future.” 

    Having been born in 1978 I have not experienced a lot of future yet; resulting in my belief that understanding what is ahead seems to be all the more important. At every turn in my life I became more aware of the path I walked and who I am. Some major turning point in my life where:
    • finishing my primary and secondary education
    • my AFS exchange year to Watertown, New York (1995-1996)
    • finding and understanding the Victim Paradigms
    • making the decision to excel and grow continually
    • founding a few very interesting companies and communitiesUnfortunately I can not tell you who I am, I can however provide my understanding of it. For more information and a curriculum vitae please see my website.
  3. Present
    A while ago, while studying the understanding of meaning and the meaning of understanding, I stumbled upon General Semantics (see: The Institute of General Semantics, and also: The International Society for General Semantics, 

    This made me realize that there can be no truth outside or besides ones own thinking; or as RenĂ© Descartes (1596-1650) writes: cogito ergo sum. When deduced this led to my belief that both meaning and understanding are “in the eye of the beholder”. Through acknowledging this I understand the following: 

    The past determines our choices in the present, and our individual understanding of the future determines the choices we choose in the present.
  4. Future
    My understanding of the future: 

    “One can envision the future a lot more pleasant and grander than one can explain the present.” ~ Sir PK, April 2000. 

    My revelation of the future: 

    “You will never leave where you are until you decide where you would rather be.” (Dexter Yager), so “Choose your own choices.” (Sir PK, April 2000) and understand that “Only your choices in the past make your present choices possible.” (Sir PK, Februari 1997).
  5. World Future Society The Netherlands
    The theme “thinking globally, acting locally” recognizes that futurists are concerned about the world as a whole, but that effective action to achieve a better future generally takes place in one’s local area. With local futurist groups I hope to enable futurists in any given area to get to know each other, share ideas, and work together to educate the community about future possibilities. 

    Objectives for local World Future Society The Netherlands groups are:
    • to contribute to a reasoned awareness of the future and the importance of its study, without advocating particular ideologies or engaging in political activities.
    • to advance serious and responsible investigation of the future.
    • to promote the development of methods for the study of the future.
    • to increase public understanding of future-oriented studies.
    • to facilitate communication and cooperation among organizations and individuals interested in studying or planning for the future.Activities for the World Future Society The Netherlands:
    • an online public discussion board with regular guest appearances
    • a quarterly local discussion and lecture meeting
    • a regular publication of activities in The Netherlands
    • a website listing all publications by Dutch members
  6. In conclusion
    I would like to thank the previous coordinator Prof. Dr. Frans van Vught, Rector Magnificus University of Twente, for his work for the World Future Society The Netherlands and his scientific futurology work and research. 

    I am looking forward to meeting many of you personally, and help facilitate the exchange of information and ideas. I hope to be able to help define our understanding of the future and making it happen. 

    Thank you for your participation and support, 

    Sir S.F.P. Koopmans, MMS 

    ~ Student of all … disciple of none.

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