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The Spiritual Path?

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

Just now, I was listening to (yet another) Anthony Robbins movie. The man is good, very good. But for me the problem is always that it is so incredibly difficult to reflect upon myself and to actually practice (in order to get the benefit). But this time he said something that deeply impacted me and lifted quite a bit of weight off my shoulders (and put some work back): “the path of relationship intimacy is ten times more powerful than the spiritual path (of isolation)”. It makes perfect sense too; those who connect influence others and get influenced by them. Growth (which is one of my more important human needs) feeds on variety & connection and also processing, reflection/contemplation, but the beauty is that even those can be done with other people (either a respectful coach or an understanding friend).

So, my long time desire to “be/do it all” finally got reduced a bit as I immediately was able to let go of my need to become a spiritual guru of some sorts. The consequence is that I now need to focus on relationships (and that, he said, is 10 times harder).