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Ingredients for My Vision for Education

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

I have since I was 16 been very interested in assisting the transformation of the education system. My fundamental beliefs for this need are:

  • Education should be brain-based – differentiated based on learning style.
  • Education is life-long and should address all aspects of living (balance between: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual).
  • Information is omnipresent and should be learned “just in time”; knowledge should be build based on a understanding the (underlaying) fundamentals.

There are some people that think in line with my thoughts or provide inspiring ideas, like: B.F.Skinner, Win Wenger or like Ken Robinson who talks about a revolution in this TED video:

PKUniversity Step 1

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

The concept of current education came from the industrial revolution … the system is behind the times as a significant part of the work world is now in the age of knowledge & services. What does one need to survive in that world? Not the typical order of importance (math, physics, chemistry, some geography, religion and language as a way to make sure we can do the first few subjects properly), but we need Process Thinking, Creativity, Psychology (computers can generate statistics, but we need to learn to interpret them to a useful meaning), Innovation, Physical Abilities (those things computers can not do yet, like: dance, cook, play musical instuments, etc). Fiftheen years ago I wanted to start my own univerisy … has proven itself now and is my first step towards PKU.